I have been traveling since a bit more than one year now (exactly 382 days) and will celebrate my 30th birthday very soon.
Right now I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world, I’ve built my own travel which completely fits to my personality, I saw so many beautiful places and landscapes, I met so many nice, interesting, incredible, awesome people coming from everywhere around the world in every single place I’ve been from the big city to the smallest ‘village’ (i.e. one house!).

Nearly everywhere in South America, someone offered me a meal, a drive and sometimes even a bed. And I always, really always got a smile from locals.
Now I can say humanity can be beautiful not only because I’ve read it.
(Well, I can also say that in South America, even the chickens do worth the case (to meet !)

Traveling should be a civic right and requirement for everyone around the globe, I didn’t meet enough guys from Africa and from Asia. Albeit crawling the globe may become a drug and trying to cure from it may be difficult for some of us… But so far, I suppose that’s the best drug someone can dream of and it comes with its own community simply called ‘travelers’.

Thank you to every locals and travelers I met, you’re just the most important part of my travel and it simply couldn’t exist without you. Hopefully, that was only the appetizers ! :)

Globe-Crawlingly yours…