Proof that it’s possible to code while traveling, I’m currently working on a new demo. Work is in (slow as hell) progress, the main visual theme will be about all the GPS tracks I’ve recorded since the beginning of my travel.

I haven’t done much so far except one of the first sequences of the animation and the part which allows to give the GPS tracks a 3D aspect by converting the GPS coordinates to geocentric coordinates.

A raw “work in progress” screenshot of the first sequence

The first sequence represents a galaxy randomly generated at runtime. Geometrically-wise, the galaxy is composed by two Bezier curves, a sphere in the middle to give more density to the core, and some grey to white stars around to fill the emptiness.

In this screenshot, 82’000 stars are generated in total.

65’000 stars are positioned randomly around and along the two virtual Bezier curves from the center to the tails. To ensure they are not positioned in a too unaesthetic way, I used Gaussian (“normal”) distribution to generate the 3D coordinates which tends to cluster the stars around the Bezier curves here and gives a more homogeneous aspect to the galaxy.

The standard RGB model is used to color the stars, the red and blue components are generated according to the position of the star along the curves while the green component remains constant, resulting in warmer colors near the core of the galaxy while the tails seem more coldish.
All those 65’000 stars are given a 15% opacity (alpha) value which gives some stars a brighter and shiny aspect sometimes while moving the camera around the galaxy and also gives the impression the galaxy is alive.

15’000 stars are randomly positioned inside a virtual sphere centered to the core of the galaxy. Here again the positioning is a bit special and tends to give more attention to the Z axis (along the Bezier curves) to avoid the sphere being too obvious and also to visually enforce the core of the galaxy. Well, now I’m pretty sure you can see it without having to pay much attention :)

The 2’000 remaining stars are just randomly positioned inside the bounding cube of the galaxy. Their colors vary on a white scale from dark grey to almost true white.

Now I have to record more GPS tracks during my travel so I can work properly on the next sequences of the animation. In other words, I must continue to travel :)

In the meantime, you still can consult the complete list of the GPS tracks.